Federal and State Tax Incentives and Programs Serving Louisiana
Agricultural Sales Tax Exemption
Current Use Program
- Concord, NH
Current Use Tax Program
- Montpelier, VT
Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency
N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center - Raleigh, NC
Federal Endangered Species Tax Deduction
US Fish and Wildlife Service - Arlington, VA
Forest Conservation - Property Tax Benefits
Massachusetts Energy & Environmental AffairsMA
Forest Protection Tax
- Baton Rouge, LA
Green Acres tax deferral program
Louisiana Dairy Producers Refundable Tax Credit Program
- Baton Rouge, LA
Louisiana Use Value Statue for Agricultural, Horticultural, Marsh and Timber Lands
Louisiana Wildlife Management Tax Exemption
Managed Forest Law
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Madison, WI
Native Prairie and Wildlife Habitat - Property Tax Benefits
- Des Moines, IA
Native Prairie Tax Exemption Program
Minnesota Department of Natural ResourcesMN
Open Space Conservation - Property Tax Benefits
- Crownsville, MD
Property Tax Benefits for Maintaining Land Use
Georgia Department of RevenueGA
Ray Kinney
Barber & Kinney, LLC - Broker/General Appraiser - Ridgeland, MS
Reforestation Tax Credit Program
- Oregon Department of Forestry - Salem, OR
Sage Advisors, LLC
- West Chester, PA
Waterfowl Restoration Program
- Cambridge, MD