Estate Planners Serving Louisiana
Blaise M. Sonnier
Allen & Gooch - Of Counsel - Lafayette, LA
Brigitte Franzen
Water Street Solutions - Legacy Advisor - Peoria, IL
Charles T. 'Tad' Hightower
Stubbs Law Firm, LLC - Lafayette, LA
Directive Communication Systems
Lee Poskanzer - CEO - Milton, MA
Farm Family Dynamics LLC
Joe Kluender - North Mankato, MN
GROW: The Family Business Advisors
Barbara A. Dartt - Kalamazoo, MI
Inverness Counsel, LLC
Philip S. Lawrence - President and CEO - New York, NY
Joe Psalmonds, CFP®
JPJ Investments, Inc. - President, Certified Financial Planner™ - Shreveport, LA
Kory Beyl
Water Street Solutions - Legacy Advisor - Peoria, IL
Landowner Legacy Communication
Allen and Ginny NipperAR
Resource Analytical & Management Group, LLC
Billy K. Lemons - President & Principal Consultant - Nacogdoches, TX
Survivorship Now LLC
Kristi Curry - Founder - Austin, TX
Transition Point Business Advisors
Johnne Syverson - West Des Moines, IA